Digital flow in aesthetic dentistry

Conception du sourire assistée par ordinateur

The contribution of digital technologies in dentistry is at the origin of new practices and therapeutic possibilities, and the field of aesthetic dentistry is not immune to this revolution: smile analysis is greatly facilitated by the CAD / CAM software that allows us to superimpose a picture of the patient with the imprint of his dental arches.

We can model the future teeth (facets or ceramic crowns) of the patient while assessing the result in the photo “live”, without the patient being present. This decreases the number of setting sessions and the overall treatment duration.

Natural teeth library

Nowadays, we have access to libraries of beautiful digitalized natural teeth that, by a “copy / paste” type process, can be imported and adapted to the patient’s digitized dental arches.

In this way, the ceramic restorations resulting from this modeling will have a natural shape and surface appearance.

Machining of natural ceramics

The other advantage of CAD / CAM is that the ceramic restorations (facets or crowns) modeled can then be machined in ceramic blocks whose optical properties are close to natural teeth, a paramount parameter in cosmetic dentistry, given the fact that beautiful teeth are primarily natural teeth.