Principles of Treatment

Our treatment philosophy is based on planning: a successful treatment is a well-planned treatment. For this, the diagnosis stage is the cornerstone that should not be neglected.

When a new patient consults us to review their oral status, a complete assessment is made: clinical examination of their teeth and gums using binocular loupes, x-rays and intraoral imaging.

If necessary, for complex cases, fingerprints and a scanner (CBCT) of the dental arches are done to complete the analysis.

Once this assessment is done, if necessary, a treatment is planned, always following the same chronology:

  • Elimination of infectious foci (caries, tartar, endodontic and periodontal infections).
  • Reinforcement of fragile teeth by composite fillings or ceramic bonded restorations
  • Replacement of missing teeth with implants and, if necessary, teeth alignment with orthodontics.
  • Improved aesthetic parameters.